What is Grace?

I wrote Gracefully as healing and encouragement for other parents going through the experience of finding out their child will be born with a birth defect. 

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Brandy Cardarelli Photography

Brandy Cardarelli Photography

From the moment Elle Grace Williams was born I was determined to hide her feet until they were fixed and "normal".  Thank goodness Brandy Cardarelli, our friend and photographer, captured the above image.  I had left the room and Brandy removed a blanket capturing Elle in the warm filtered light of May.

It's one of the few images we have of Elle's feet from those first 6 days of life.  I wasn't comfortable showing anyone what they really looked like.  I was hiding what I thought wasn't perfect. 

But she was perfect.

Thank you Brandy for being able to see what I couldn't yet.  I was a mom who believed I could only show the world perfection.  I wasn't able to see yet what only she could be.  And already was.  A perfect human being all her own. Full of grace.

But the real story began when we met with OrthoCarolina.  As we began to learn what it would take to correct her feet, a team of talented doctors spread hope.  The moment we met Dr. Christian Clark we knew he and his team would help our daughter - and there was a moment, when he smiled, when everything felt better.  We knew we would all be fine. 

And in that moment - the idea of Gracefully  was born. Through telling our story I was able to bravely share Elle's condition and display her strengths.  She was becoming a beautiful little girl.  Full of promise. 

And that's what really mattered.

grace n.  1. Pleasing quality, attractiveness, charm, especially belonging to elegant proportions or ease and refinement of movement, manner; attractive feature

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