So here we are: Elle has pushed that line: The horizon.... she runs, kicks a soccer ball and jumps higher than we ever expected.

I was standing watching her, as parents do, yesterday.  Accomplished.  Finished with the brace.

Then I looked: her feet made her run ... differently.

I had been in denial I suppose but just when I thought all the hard stuff was behind us... something else: a new chapter.

And that's just now, today.

What about someday? Will kids notice?  Will she be judged? Teased?  And those are all the nice ways of describing how frightening kids can be to each other.  

I was lying in bed last night.  Okay, in Cooper's bed! (He's starting Kindergarten tomorrow and I've been snuggling overtime lately). I thought... what will she be up against?  

What is before us?

But, truly, will this ever be behind us?