Boy oh boy!  I have been getting incredible amounts of support.  I am so appreciative; it's been that extra push to get me going again this Spring. I have been spending too much time internalizing what my mission needed to be.

Along the way, the number one question from you guys:  "Will you be doing a BOY version of the book"?

The Answer: I already did. You see, yes, the book is illustrated in pink.  But that represents me - YOU: the mom.  I had pink hopes.  Pink plans. But Elle was to be what she was to be.  She loves all colors, I bet your kiddos do as well, right?

One of the paramount messages within "Gracefully" is that it didn't matter what I wanted for Elle. My dreams were my dreams.  

Elle will decide what she could be. What she WILL be.  What she is already.

Gracefully is pink...but its message, its soul... is meant for all moms and dads.  

It's a family book. It's a tool.  It's a place to feel better.

It just happens to be pink watercolor ... which feels great after all the blues we all went through, right?

PS: I would love to actually publish Gracefully in the color BLUE too!  I get it :) fingers crossed!