Book Mark

Dr. Clark reminded us the hardest part was next: successful permanent correction of Elle's feet would require diligent, long-term wearing of a Ponseti brace.  

All day. Every day. 

We would be religious about her wearing the brace.  23 hours a day for 3 months.  Then hopefully just at night.

For years. Until her feet would rest in a neutral position and not revert back.

But what else could I do?  How could I help her beyond that time? What if she were to have a child someday issue?  How could I monumentally make a difference for her as a mother?

Deep within was a glimmer born in the moment I saw the smile from Dr. Clark.  He had released the paralyzing fear in me.   I needed to do something to mark that moment for all parents or relatives going through a difficult diagnosis of a child.  A way to release the brace of the diagnosis. Of the worry.  Of the hurting. 

I had an idea.  A story.

It would be our mark: Gracefully. A book.