It was early Spring 2012 and Cooper was almost two.  Our relationship therefore was hundreds of moons strong.   I knew that relationship was going to change when his sister arrived.  Would he still know how much I loved him?  That every moon before wasn't to be forgotten?

 And how would Elle fit in?  Our relationship would be different from mine and Cooper's.  It was going to be more complex.  New.

And how would I answer to her?  How would she feel if she knew how upset I was about her feet?  How would I explain why they had unfairly defined her in those early months?

Brett and I had to push through those unknowns and prepare for her with unclouded excitement.  To paint not just the walls of her nursery soft heavenly pink but the ceiling as well.  Blow away the dark clouds and hang new ones made of tulle.

It seemed the storm was passing. 

It was time to get ready.

Photos by Brandy Cardarelli