"What do you know about Club Feet"? 

The echo of those words will never leave me.  This is how we found out our daughter would be born with a birth defect.  Something that I had only heard about, at the time,  on badly written television shows.  Someone would trip and the joke would be, "what, you got a club foot?".


Moments earlier Brett and I had cried tears of joy.  We were having a baby girl!! I can still remember the hot tears running down my left cheek as I turned to grab his hand over my shoulder.  He squeezed it to say, we got our girl!

Tutus, dance classes, pink was all coming true. There would be tulle everywhere and somewhere deep inside I had already planned her first birthday party.  Over-the-top pink everywhere kind of party with cotton candy floating through the air.

Then, within seconds a Doctor was in the room telling us it was more than that.  

All I heard was our baby girl wasn't perfect.  I imagined a wheelchair. Long metal braces.  Would she even walk?

And how would she dance?

Brandy Cardarelli Photography

Brandy Cardarelli Photography