First Glance

The most precious baby girl was now a part of our family. May 10th, 2012 was officially minted on our hearts.  She had iridescent blonde locks, blue eyes and she screamed until bright red, just like her big brother had. For all the worry, some things were normal, and I could be hopeful.

It was a revelation I hadn't thought about.  I had expected the day to be all about her feet.  Painful and raw.  Thankfully, she was just a baby needing to nurse, a 4am wake-up call worth answering and she rested on our hearts for hours.

There was though, a moment, when she was lifted into this world and the whole room stopped.  I could sense all eyes catching the first glance. 

Brett, by my side the entire birth, drifted quickly over to her side.  I turned, this time over my right shoulder, and asked him if she was ok.